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Welcome to! This website was founded in 2022 to provide an overview of all nature and environmental protection organizations, initiatives and projects globally, for the purpose of inspiration and to spur the potential for international cooperation. provides links to jobs and vacancies, volunteer work, citizen science projects, internships and other opportunities on the website of the organizations.

Finding Gulo

The inspiration for this project came after watching the film Finding Gulo about the Cascades Wolverine Project by a passionate nature photographer and a biologist. Globally there may be many similar projects, large and small, that could be of great inspiration and interest for the global public of nature and animal lovers.

In 2007 the author of this website acquired the domain and for several months explored options to use the domain to promote forest protection and human-nature bonding initiatives but at the time after reflecting on the idea in forests he came to the conclusion that the forest might benefit most by being left alone, untouched by polluting humans.

Today, considering the state of nature on earth, and after becoming involved in a critical examination of GMO (eugenics on Nature) from the perspective of theory (philosophy), a new attempt is made through the concept to connect nature lovers with nature protection initiatives globally.

Internet volunteer opportunity

We are looking for volunteers to help scan the global internet for nature protection organizations and projects to index them on this website. The work is very simple and may cost just 10 minutes per organization and it can be a fun learning opportunity. The benefit for the global public and for the protection of nature can be enormeous. It can also help your country by getting all organizations and projects listed.

Please contact us on or fill in the form below to apply!

Help research and index nature protection organizations around the world!