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No genetic engineering through the back door! A campaign against new GMOs (GMO 2.0)

β”” Keine Gentechnik durch die HintertΓΌr! Eine Kampagne gegen neue GVO (GVO 2.0)

The No GMOs by the Back Door campaign was launched by SAG / StopOGM, GeneWatch UK and IG Saatgut. It is actively supported by the supporting organizations of the Swiss Alliance Gentechfrei.

We warn that short-term profit interests could mean that the new genetic engineering processes and products developed from them could end up on the field and on the plate without a comprehensive risk assessment.

Which novel genetically modified products and organisms are to come onto the market in the next few years?

Using various examples - such as apples, bees, pigs and cows - we explain what was technically done, what goals are being pursued with the changes, what risks the technical interventions entail and what consequences a release could have for agriculture and the environment.

Open Solicitation

Nature organizations often have lots of work to do for which no vacancy is filed. Consider sending an open solicitation to show your interest in the cause and to learn about available opportunities.

Nature organizations love to hear from you!

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No new genetic engineering through the back door! - Campaign against new GMOs (GMO 2.0)

No new genetic engineering through the back door! - Campaign against new GMOs (GMO 2.0)