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Stop Gene Drives campaign Germany

β”” Stop Gene Drives Kampagne

The Stop Gene Drives campaign calls for preventing the release of genetically modified gene drive organisms into nature. Gene drive organisms represent one of the riskiest uses of genetic engineering ever developed.

A representative survey shows that the majority of Europeans find the release of gene drive organisms too risky. NGOs from all over the world are calling for a global gene drive moratorium.

With new genetic engineering methods such as CRISPR/Cas, animals and plants are to be genetically manipulated during reproduction in such a way that they pass on a new characteristic to all their offspring - even if it is deadly for them. Gene drives override the natural rules of inheritance. This mechanism then repeats itself independently in each new generation: a genetic engineering chain reaction.

Gene drive organisms are intended to displace or even eradicate their conspecifics in nature. Their release can have unpredictable consequences for ecosystems and food webs. It cannot be undone. In the worst case, this could lead to further species extinction and the collapse of entire ecosystems, and also endanger human health and nutrition.

Prevent the release of gene drive organisms!

Open Solicitation

Nature organizations often have lots of work to do for which no vacancy is filed. Consider sending an open solicitation to show your interest in the cause and to learn about available opportunities.

Nature organizations love to hear from you!

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Stop Gene drive artwork

Gene drive - genetic engineering chain reaction to change species in nature